30 day challenge

30 day challenge

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Forge Your Fortitude: Cultivate Unshakeable Resolve

the challenge

the challenge

Ready to challenge your limits and unlock a realm of mental fortitude you never knew you had? At JIKO, we believe in the power of transformation — one plunge at a time.

Now is the moment to break free from the chill and dive into a journey that truly transforms. Say goodbye to your old routine and hello to a breakthrough with our Cold Plunge Challenge! We’re here to guide you through the icy waters, helping you overcome the shock of the cold and master a process that revitalizes both body and mind — extending well beyond the edge of the plunge pool.

It’s time to forge a new trail. Time to approach each plunge with confidence and purpose! Time to redefine the cold plunge as not just a test of endurance, but a gateway to unmatched vitality and resilience.

So, why does the thought of taking a cold plunge send shivers down our spine even before the water touches us?

You’ve been standing at the edge, toe-dipping into the idea for what feels like ages, caught in a cycle of hesitation and “maybe tomorrows.

You’re rifling through your mental library for a spark of courage that feels authentically yours, yet doesn’t come off as just another fleeting whim.

The energy and motivation seem to ebb away because you’re not sure if you can truly commit to the challenge, wondering if the promised transformation is within reach.

You try to recall why you wanted to start this journey…

2-4 minutes later, a remarkable transformation begins. You emerge from the water, not just revived, but invigorated. The rush of dopamine and norepinephrine floods your system, painting your world with a brighter hue of happiness and drive. It’s as if the cold has not only cleansed you but also ignited a fire of vitality within.

30 days later, the change is undeniable. You find yourself in a state of enhanced joy, buoyed by an unstoppable motivation. There’s this lightness in your being, a reflection of the profound internal shift that has taken place.

You realized early on — as you stood hesitating, teetering on the edge of your first plunge — that this was more than just a physical challenge.

Every leap into the cold was a step towards a happier, more vibrant you.

WHOHOO!— 30 days later you did it. But in truth, you’ve done so much more than just get in cold water.

It’s an invitation into your best self.

it begins with showing up for you

Dive into a thrilling 30-day journey that promises not just a test of endurance but a pathway to profound wellness transformation. Embark on a daily adventure of 2-4 minutes of cold plunging, designed to invigorate your body, sharpen your mind, and introduce a new level of vitality into your life.

Can’t make it to JIKO? No problem! Keep the spirit of the challenge alive by going live on our Facebook page, sharing your 2-minute plunge of the day. It’s all about community, commitment, and the exhilarating rush of cold water.

Victory Rewards:

  • An exclusive 20% discount on any of our membership options for one month.
  • 10 rejuvenating sessions on our PEMF mat.
  • 4 revitalizing vitamin shots to boost your wellness journey

Challenge Terms:

  • Your adventure begins with a $75 entry, granting you access solely to the JIKO cold plunge.
  • Dive into the cold for a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 4 minutes, with water embracing you up to the base of your neck — a true plunge into vitality.
  • Cold plunge must be a minimum of 50 degrees or colder
  • Remember, the sauna is off-limits during the challenge. This journey is about the cold, the whole cold, and nothing but the cold.
  • If you can’t make it to JIKO on our facebook community page you can do a live showcasing that you did that cold plunge for the day.

Early Bird Pricing:

April 1st – 15th



April 16th – 28th